Alaska Dream Alpacas
1150 S Colony Way 
Ste3 PMB144
Palmer, AK 99645

7 miles outside of Palmer 
4450 South Caudill Road 

Owner: Tracy Hanson
Sam and Cody love to spend time hanging out with the alpacas & chickens!
Alpacas love kids!
Now available...hand crafted EXPEDITION MITTENS
98% Alaska Alpaca, 2% shetland wool. 100% all
natural and perfect for Alaskan wicked weather!
People who wear  our mittens: Dog Mushers, Cross
Country skiers, Hikers,Snow Boarders and Alpaca Farmers!
Kids $40, Sm $55, Med $65, Lrg $75, XLrg $85
Call Margaret at 746-1141 to get them while they last!
Alpaca - Community  Garden Resource
Alaska Dream Alpacas is proud to offer aged alpaca compost FREE to all the hard working gardners out there. If your soil needs a boost, this stuff works. If you need great fertilizer that's organic, no artificial ingredients, then this is it! 
I like to make a "TEA" by soaking a shovel full of alpaca poop in a 5 gallon bucket of water for about a day or two. This will give you a liquid fertilizer that is safe to dump on any plant. My veggie plants love this stuff. Alpaca poo is easy to handle, doesn't smell bad and is NOT HOT so it is safe to shovel around the veggie plants as they grow to enrich the soil and give amazing results.
The pile is located at the corner of Caudill Rd and Pine Needle in the easy to get to and there is available room to back a pick-up to the pile.
Alpaca Poop - Natural Fertilizer - Available by the bag
The alpaca poop is sun dried and bagged in 5 gallon quantities for easy handling. The poop doesn't smell, is very rich in nitrogen and potassium. It will NOT burn your plants, it is harmless to pets and does not contain weeds or seeds. Mix it into soil or make a "tea" with it...your plants will love this all natural nourishment.....$5 a bag